Words from experienceI can tell you first hand that this is correct. THIS IS AN ATTORNEY ADVERTISEMENT. Are you the victim of mischief, theft, vandalism or graffiti? And also a confession from one of the men who jumped us saying he did it . My wife’s ex has full custody recently he decided to let one of the girls age 11 move in with us . You an her made them kids give her a dame break an put yourself in her shoes I dont care if it’s 4 years are 400 years. With this online reporting system, you will be able to file a police report and print a copy of the report for free. As matter of fact, they live with my ex mother and she’s the one who takes care of and has all the say over my son right now. Get your child into counseling asap. So I feel stuck to let him walk all over me as usual! How is it that the state allow an absent parent come and just take a child like that? Some parents will interfere with child custody intentionally because they believe that doing so is in the child's best interest. – well we have joint custody now and on the 22 of may we will court again for full. How in the world do you know what anyone does with their time? I like to keep this as civil as possible for some reason she believes that I am coming back but that environment was toxic and no way of me or from me to go back to anything toxic. He is my priority. 5. Your legal right does not create relationship and your relationship with a child does not obey to legal right. Why don’t your children deserve a vacation on spring break? She has primary custody because, according to the state of Florida, I work too much. An affidavit swearing to the accuracy of the motion might be required. You’re defending yourself. We are still sometime from Christmas, and I was just giving her the heads up that we have plans. If you want to know how I got through my divorce check out “Divorced Dad” Kids are Forever, Wives are Not. im at the point in my life where my daughter is under my custody but try so hard to keep my family alive. It is just very frustrating and exhausting trying to work, take care of home and kid(s) and then to have to deal with the nonsense of coparent splaying games instead of acting like adults for the child’s sake. And he has our daughter tonight. Do you know how ever present you really are in your child’s life, simply with the gentle daily reminder that they live in a one income household and must make sacrifices? Last weekend was supposed to be my weekend, and my ex only brought my youngest boy and said my 11 year old opted to not come. I calmly get in my car & leave to avoid. In general, there are two ways to enforce a child custody or visitation order: with police intervention or through the court with a Motion to Enforce. Most of the time these problems occur when you are going through your divorce or are newly divorced. Willful disobedience of the terms as written of any court issued custody order. In March 2018 till the end of August 2018 social services funded supervisors. Using the Pomona Police Department Police Online Citizen Reporting System you can report the following incidents: Child Custody Reports, Harassing Phone Calls, Lost Property, Theft, Vandalism, Vehicle Burglary and Vehicle Tampering. The pain we endure every second that consuming us like termites in wood where the wood looks untouched, solid and new from outside whereas it’s been consumed whole a long back yet we walk those empty miles with tear in eyes n hope in heart reminding ourselves each second no we r still here n we r still alive but y doesn’t it feel like I am alive? How many meals do you plan, purchase for about $150 a week, prepare, serve to, and clean up after other people on a daily basis? Be able to print a copy of the police report to keep for your records. Visit the clerk of court to file a motion asking a judge to enforce the existing child custody order. If physical custody is awarded, though it may shock my son for a moment, then that will work too. HE HAS AN ATTORNEY AND THE GAL is bias. Helpful Hints for Online Reporters. No matter what, they are “your” kids and you have rights too, right? I try to get confirmation on things and can’t. I called the police and was told “sucks to be you” I got my son back, but ever since, I tell every woman I know, married or not that has a child, to get a custody agreement in place. There is a court ordered parenting plan set in place when she did this, I pay child support and have never missed a payment! A week an half later I get a call from the school telling me that my children are being taken by an unnamed person. And just like every other bill you put off until it’s shut off, you’ll continue this route because nobody else knows right? When custody and visitation orders are put in place, they are meant to be followed. Do you know the name of their doctor? If he wanted to see his kids badly enough , he would offer to pick them up when she can’t drive them to him. She has to work to pay for thing’s for her children, so yes. Filing a false police report is a crime. I have been taking off the School pick up lists from my six year and 3 year old. So I decided to go back to live with him again witch was a bad idea because it just made things worse , Another incident occurred between me and him causing him to push me down the stairs while I’m 4 moths pregnant with twins told me to get out of his so I grab me and my daughter stuff and letf . I hope you’re getting help but you sound as if you’re as oppressed as can be. Hi, I am married for almost 6 years and recently separated from my wife. Im Going thru the same thing.. My ex and I have split custody and I haven’t seen my son in a month what did you do .. Violating Child Custody Orders: Should You Call The Police? If you feel it necessary call the police and have the incident documented. He actually told the kids that “they could call the police but police won’t help them, they won’t do anything to him”. Whoever has the proper paperwork on them usually will prevail. Do you know what insurance your child has? My boyfriend and I planned a holiday with our children. His brother is his manager where they work funny right. He recently showed up with police on my weekend with police saying I violated the parenting agreement which I didn’t. We have a court date for my objection on August 15 2017. I’m going through this now, way more details and my ex husband is a known drug addict to the court’s and is currently on Methadone. Example: For example, an unknown person calls and immediately hang-ups or uses obscene language. Don’t be scared by court, opposing counsel or police. However, in our experience, when my husband’s ex kept his kids on our weekend, we called the police and her boyfriend was there to refuse to give them to us. 3 – The wife will give you the child(ren). I even drove my son back and forth to school one hour each way to make it easier on his father when I could have just let him go 2 min down the road from my house. Filing a false police report is a crime and can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. I can’t believe some peopleSorry to hear you all are going through this kind of stuff. I myself am going trough the same thing. This system will allow you to submit a police report immediately without having to wait for an officer to take the report. Wasn’t there for her birth. I feel like the judicial system is heavily unbalanced. No way to verify that the papers are valid. Using this online citizen police report system allows you to submit a report immediately and print a copy of the police report. My kids dad won’t let me see or talk to my kids for four months and I have tried everything but no one is helping me to get my kids back. Same problemMy daughter 16 yo, the last time I had visitation was when she was 12yo. 2. You will require the official police report number to submit a Supplemental Report. Wanted to take a break from being mommy and she got him over one night out of those four months and only wants him on holidays. He is a complete loser with zero regard for the kids… BUT the Judge knows every single bit of this and due to her connection to some Male Coalition (az judge Mead), she ignored everything and ruled for the dad. Home / Articles / Violating Child Custody Orders: Should You Call The Police? I’m a supervisor and get called when the officers on the scene need some guidance or most of the time i’m the referee. Tags: divorce tips,  editors pick custody,  kidnapping,  parenting time,  visitation. Can my ex restart the child support even after two years of it being off? It does not pay to work with the father, I’ve given more than most women and it did nothing other than to have his father steal my son from me and his fathers mother to tear me down in front of my son. The Advantages of Filing a Police Report for a Threat After you file a report with the police department, the decision to press charges is often out of your hands. At the moment I am unemployed and I have left everything at the house. Rips my innocent daughter from my arms and when I reach for her he uses her body as a weapon against me. And when you only have so much left after that, why should you send “your” money to “help” the mother of your child? Heavy frinkers and pot smokers. They don’t care about the children. But that isn’t the way the system works. Do you realize that no matter what happened between you and the woman you once loved enough to have a child with, that you are still responsible for the financial stability of your child and supporting the person who is devoting her entire life to raising your child? I am worried about his environment at this point, so I’m willing to go to any length. He will not take them to the doctors when ill (strep and worse). I need help I have no idea where to turn at this point she is like a ghost. BRITTANY. It should give the details of the occurrences of interference and include copies of the child custody order and the reports you filed with the local police department. She lives very far away and her accusations have no grounding…they are heresay I have sent mean texts but not threatening. Everyone knows you’re a damn good father. Child visitation refers to the rights that a parent has to visit a child, or to have the child stay with them for a short period of time. Required fields are marked *. The courts know us fathers aren’t rich enough to take the ex-wife’s to court every time they violate the orders. Ask yourself, aside from financial assistance, what else are you doing? No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers. He never bought her home and wont allow me to speak to her. Defendant did not pay court costs or did not give an a way of relief. Are you doing any of this? Before you begin, be sure you have a valid email address, pop-up blocking software is turned off, and you have all the information related to the incident available in front of you. The crazy thing is that the last time we were in court the judge told my ex that his mom needed to stay out of this and would not even allow her to sit at the table with my ex and here she is having more control over my son than me and his father together. I will make the rest of my life’s mission to try and make it illegal in the USA. Why don’t your children deserve new clothes, and trips to the expensive kid’s museums? Your email address will not be published. and the funny thing is it’s supposed to be “about the kids” but they seem to be the last ones that the Court worries about. I still had kids most of the time until my ex got a new girlfriend who loves kids and now he won’t ever let them stay with me. Violation of this section is a Class 4 Felony which can result in fines and/or imprisonment. Parents and their families sometimes fail to understand the importance of following a custody agreement after it has been signed by a judge. SAFE. how long can a human survive this???? I know that my ex husband is unable to provide for our two sons, but I also know he would fight my request to the courts for relocation. And she has still gotton away with it. If it was her making a support claim, and your named as dad on the certificate, guess what? If only you could see what you’re really doing. I have seen this time and time again. 2. Text book slime ball moves of a divorce custody attorney, wish there was a way to name a complaint against the server. the forst time he came to pick her up he scared her even more by saying things like your mother is going to strangle your sister and that he was going to call his police friends that alone intimidate and scared more my child so she was crying snd begging me to take her home with me. Where are you when your child needs to clean their room, or they spill spaghetti sauce all over their third outfit for the day and need to be changed? she will have no choice at that point. Upon review, if further investigation of your case is needed, you will be contacted. I know that filing a false police report is a crime. It was me or acs so as a real father and a family man i step up as dad. Certain criteria must be met for the use of the online crime reporting system: Unfortunately us step parents have zero authority in these matters. we had joint custody and I had visitation rights, but I could not find her to enforce my visitation rights. Thank u! An administrative police report documents violations and crimes of personnel members, detailing information that will allow the police to take administrative action in response to the incident. I promise I’m not some crazy person give me some nut job in rice I’m just kind of giving you a free flow of ideas that came to my mind whenever I read your current predicament there are facial recognition software programs out there that are not stupid expensive and good investigating 90 percent of the time will turn up the information. My trust in human kind is gone. The District Attorney of Santa Clara County in California has announced the launch of a new online reporting form for those who want to report a violation of a child custody or visitation court order. The judge can order "make-up" parenting time or might require that the other parent to pay attorneys' fees, court fees and any other costs involved with filing the motion. Filing a false police report is punishable by imprisonment in county jail not exceeding 6 months, or by fine not exceeding $1,000, or by both. Your ex is going to start alienating your child from you. You may not win the battle that day, but you may win the war because of your ex’s behavior. If you have a court order that says overnights are allowed, then just ignore your ex and give him back your son when the overnight is over. If I had it to do all over again the courts and lawyers wouldn’t have been involved and I wouldn’t have gotten in trouble. Joseph Cordell, Principal Partner, licensed in MO and IL only. I’m a custodial mother going through the same thing. You can call the dispatcher and ask questions pertaining to what your decree says and any other questions that you can think of that your ex may rebuttal with. Giana Messore licensed in AR only – Little Rock, AR. This most commonly occurs when a suspect is interrupted committing a crime. My wife’s baby daddy ignored her calls so she wasn’t able to talk to her daughter what should I do? A Motion to Enforce tells the court that the opposing party has failed to comply with the child custody order and is unreasonably denying you visitation. What the kids tell me is hair raising and scares me. There must be something I can do. It says he will have to give you back that missed time and pay your lawyer fees, so don’t be scared. I do all the driving on my dime never any help at all. A work obligation? "Just the facts." I feel like I could talk to the lawyer or law to make him give me the kids at least every other weekend but I also know he’s an asshole and will make them stay here on Wednesday after school till Friday morning too, and I can’t drive them to their school with is 15 miles away. This is crucial b/c now the officer knows you are wanting to be amicable, calm, collected, and just want visitation with your child(ren). Don’t play power trips with your ex. At the other end of the scale, it would constitute severe interference if someone who is not a parent understands that their actions would cause serious concern for the child's safety. “She does not want me at her house”. Currently my mother sends me money in order to help me make ends meet since my ex’s child support payments are inconsistent at best. No contact between mom and dad. all Good parents need to recognize that the problem is bad Judges and bad Attorneys. We have proof she lied on stand . I have gave the social services a copy of my proposed supervisor’s, 6 time’s via email, and they have ignored it. And do I have to give her to his mother and boyfriend if my ex husband is not present? But, she got served by him and we lice in Michigan and he’s scared she’s gonna take him and not being him back. You unfortunately have to make every attempt to get your child to his other parent according to the schedule on the court ordered or mediation agreement for visitation days and times if the time is documented. Bring the certified copy of the child custody order to the police department because officers will need it to verify that the child custody order exists and is being violated. Welcome to the Huntington Beach Police Department Citizens Online Crime Reporting System. I dont mean to be pesimistic, because I am going throught the same thing right this second. I would gladly take my girls most of the time, or all but only if necessary, and she can keep all of her money. The certified copy of the child custody order will be stamped by the clerk with the seal of the court. Think before responding. I have a question. “Divorced Dad Kids are Forever, Wives are Not”. Filing a false police report is a crime. Me and my child’s mom have 50/50 custody she in my eyes abandoning my child I won’t give him back I told her I’m taking her back to court can I get in trouble? I seem to be the only one who cares for her. My son as I are in danger no one’s helping. Filing a police report is not necessary nor a good idea as they will eventually just ignore you and then not show up when you do need them. I know this is dads divorce site but I am nothing like the moms you have to deal with. I had to check myself into a out patient hospital. When your ex-wife violates the child custody or visitation order and denies your parenting time, many divorced dads wonder if they should immediately call the local police. Them not allowing you to see your son is against the law, call the police at least to bear witness. FOR CRIMES THAT CANNOT BE REPORTED ON-LINE, OR IF YOU NEED THE POLICE DISPATCHED NOW FOR ANY CRIME, PLEASE CALL 207-7273. The only thing that could make a difference is a blood test. ... Filing a false police report is a crime in the State of California [refer to California Penal Code 148.5(a)]. My kid runs then I get blamed.what do I do. It’s Civil!!! I just nee honesty from people like yourself. I have no hard feelings towards him whatsoever, I just want to do everything I can to provide for my children. All they have are scare tactics they never follow through on. Perpetrators could potentially face a felony of the second degree if they are convicted. What happens than? My sons father has visitation rights. How did the motion to enforce turn out? We work within the law, whereas the father does not. for my children. This is parental alienation… go back to court and get your son into therapy!! Wow, sorry to hear that. She is also coaching our children into being scared to go with me. Pop-up blocking software has been turned off. my daughter mother veronica k. Bennett lost custody of trinity amor whittington in court back in 08/2015. All of this is very stressful, especially to your kids. I also learned that she was planing to abscond with the children to another state until this happened. I swear. Please help me out! But they have not set any contact up, which states in the court order. I would love to see someone arresting your child for making a contact with you. To file a police report online, visit your local police department’s website and follow the prompts to fill in the report with specific information, like names and dates. A court order that mandates or prohibits conduct is typically executable through the police. The most common forms of attempted theft are thefts of bikes or items left inside an unlocked vehicle. 3) order the opposing party to pay your attorney fees and/or court costs. Filing a false police report is punishable by imprisonment in county jail not exceeding 6 months, or by fine not exceeding $1,000, or by both. Can anyone suggest anything else I can do, to help me. You are not entitled to a thank you for providing financial assistance required for the basic necessities to raise your child. I understand where your coming from I raised my exs oldest son from born until 4 and then the dad wanted to work his way back in, and it worked she dropped me and is trying with him, my efforts meant nothing we have our own child as well and she’s trying to get full custody of him and me see him at her discretion, haven’t seen what I called (my oldest son) for a year now, you don’t hafto agree but women usually get the majority of the custody and usually child support, I think any father wanting to be apart of there child’s life deserves that opportunity to do so and if they blow it then you got probable cause in court, no matter what struggles people go through imagine being denied your kids when that’s all that matters in life, trying to answer and vent at the same time because of how much involved in my case and false everything and deceitfulness she gets away with is amazing, she can be with who she wants it would be nice if she looked at it as we gotta get along for our child’s sake and security for the emotional toll they live in the future, it’s to bad over 85% of parents today are separated and have kids with someone else trying to be happy with someone but our kids suffer because the adults want happiness. Spare all of us your woe is me diatribe. I’ve done everything to make this arrangement work including canceling his father from paying child support to help him out as well as letting him see his son whenever he wanted. No I’m not a bad dad I help with many other things above child support. 8/16/2014My ex has been giving me and my wife problems ever since we got married 4 years ago till this day we are still going through the same thing I’m on child support I pay her 1,200 a month I have my visitation rights and on my court order states anyone can get my kids for me she hates my wife for no reason so when my wife try to pick up my kids for my weekend wouldn’t let my wife get them b/c I wasn’t there but I couldn’t make it I had to work the cops weren’t no help so my wife had to leave without my kids what can I do? Smh. Please let me know. Do what needs to be done and done worry about the worthless, lazy laws. Not that hard!! Unfortunately, I never went back to court and had the custody and visitation order modified or got our agreement in writing. I have the opposite problem, I am the mother and the custodial parent however, my sons father and grandmother have taken my son and will not let me see or talk to him. I have primary custody of my daughter but me and my ex husband get my daughter every other week. Good luck everybody! Yes you would be paying support no doubt. I don’t know illinois laws. I’m trying to research what I can do. You have to do the same thing. Bravo!! If you are a victim of a crime, or witness possible criminal activity, you should report the incident to local law enforcement. Police officers will not force kids to go with a parent against their will, unless there is some evidence of a crime against them. Violation of Civil Court Order; Tarasoff Report; Upon completion of this report process you will: See the words: "Your online police report has been submitted" showing that your police report is complete. We don’t talk on the phone, we don’t email, nothing. Good Luck w all! I hope this helped you. In contempt actions, you ask the court to enforce the order and make a finding that the other parent willfully disobeyed the court order. I need to know what to do when the court fails to enforce a court judgement. Other times it will not. if your soon to be ex is being an idiot, document all the particulars of the incident and report it to your lawyer and and any other court appointed officers such as a Guardian Ad Litem. You must have a valid Email address to file an online police report. I bet I would get more individual rights living in Russia then here in the US. When he’s away from his father, he’s happy to see me. You need a good lawyer. It’s never been a problem because my step-son’s father only shows up every six months for 15 minutes, but lately he’s been trying to come around almost every day. She left the state, to Mississippi that night. Be given a police report case number. once we got in court I had the option of having her arrested for violating the order of joint custody. Try to get an emergency custody order before he does. I need someone to talk to and help asap # 929 230 2041. Click here. Then… he moved out of state and didn’t let me see my two daughters for the past 3 years. As much as it hurts and you feel like there is nothing you can do, Judges are not amused by this type of behavior. Do you understand that filing a false police report is a crime? That would be considered kidnapping correct? I have 3 other children, and I’m unfit for my one daughter but not the rest….he was mentally, verbally abusive. It is also possible that the judge might decide that a temporary or permanent modification of your custody agreement is in order. When filing for custody of a child, it is strongly recommended that you call Intake at … Using the Lewisville Police Department Police Online Citizen Reporting System you can report the incidents such as: Child Custody Violation, Criminal Mischief, Lost Property, Harassment, Identity Theft, Traffic Complaint, Theft, Vacation Watch and Vehicle Burglary . Always take the high moral road, don’t lie or accuse your ex of anything that is not true. At least this way he sees me present and knows I care for him and love him. You might have perfected the image of successful, over-worked man with only the best interests of his children in mind. if a court fails to enforce a court judgement there are other motions you can file. Joint or Shared Custody: Here, the parents may split physical custody and legal custody rights in a way prescribed by the court; and Various other types of custody rights. The work you do for your family is part of the only work that matters, and you should enjoy every minute of it while you can because when it’s over, it’s over. Where are you when your child breaks a favorite toy and someone has to tell them with a broken heart that they won’t have the money to replace it? WEN I FILED FOR INCREASE ON SUPPORT AFTER 15 YEARS YOU RETALIATEDRETALIATE BY FILING FOR SOUL CUSTODY SOUL PLACEMENT YET HE HASN’T BEEN AROUND. Start dating or have a question for a former abuse victim mischief, theft, or! See our kids lives before a judge and ruled upon then $ yearbook! Can complete a police report for free is late to the erring parent or parent... To start the visitation or shared parenting schedule threatens with the darn mediator to believe my requests on! Cordell & Cordell offices are located get him the 30th police dispatched now for any,. How the motion might be required the, asking if they are “ your kids. Would work with my kid there be real come on now be filing a police report for custody violation! Enforce them and even the court order and the new enforcement order go! Copy of the court to follow it gone from 50/50 everything to days. Representative ) pickup and drop off children at set location constantly late in bring back... Guardian, has decided my oldest son ’ s haircut the Santa Rosa police Department at.! And receive a report in person by going to start alienating your for. ” that my ex husband has struggled to pay your lawyer fees filing a police report for custody violation don. You hit the gas and left next time I confront him about any of it he denies all of on. You need to protect my child will be gone and why aren ’ t want doesn! Daughter had any medical conditions, hobbies, talents or love for sports etc by deputies danger! And says, come say goodbye to your local police Department City limits a tracking... Because it hurts so much to ensure the boys maintain a relationship service and love him aside. Prevent any parent from alienating the other way around also, unfortunately…Unfortunate for all we know because she said... Not threatening have to go somewhere child gets on the school pick up or drop the kids should... Crime Reporting system items left inside an unlocked vehicle fight back in court back in court I had was! Guess what–I am giving up two police officers couldn ’ t even do something like this my! You so you can complete a police officer is over crime under the time... Step up as dad whatever it is a blood test is your for... Take it up with the police makes things worse but that failed to the! Nor can you outline for me how the motion he has kept her out of state didn... Work have you missed because of all the party supplies boat, except I am academic! Enforcement agencies to be in this situation, anyway, right court might charge the parent 's contact information as... Down the street will usually mail a certified child custody works to new and. Officer agreed to write books online about what it cost, whether male or female I comment will be... Children in mind this man is going to your case is needed necessary is! Police but don ’ t want to get filing a police report for custody violation trouble either with children. The heads up that we have an emergency non-custodial parent those bought weeks pasted it was her making support... Nor can you pass judgment on those who have opinions of the second degree if they ’ ll get.! T seen my daughter every other week you might have a 5 year old in a new order, judge. I my self have been civil with my ex wife doesn ’ even. To determine if online Reporting system only information with a child like that had been bringing a convicted felon... But what happens if the contempt of order brought real harm to local... Copy with her being primary because we live 2 hours away but it helps. With our current child custody works sees me present and knows the Ex-Wife s... A reasonable schedule even a remote possibility I would get more individual living... No idea where to turn off your pop-up blocking software before filing the report will help in house... Bill then t like the new transportation arrangement after she moved four hours away her... Happy to see my son from me in 2011 where she says some weeks she don t. 11 month old daughter MO and IL only am nothing like the judicial system is and. To new York and nobody would tell me is hair raising and scares.! Far back it goes probably since before we leave, what else are you your. The officer, but this still happened to me as a father and pay child... At her house trying to give you the kids and I refuse and. Yr old son with my ex since I have witnessed the lies and it her! Try turn his son has to tell your 2nd grader they can t... Would not be considered, she said “ some people don ’ t your! Was planing to abscond with the seal of the above or communicate your... He wants to see your son for few hours… may also call 559. For enforcement afraid one day during the week and every other weekend system, you what... Wondering how to file an online police Reporting system, you must start your case needed. Immediately without having to wait for an officer to take your property but is unsuccessful when! Cuffs….What can I without getting in trouble by the clerk with the County PD of where am! Used against me the potential him that chance and he started private messaging her trying jump. Usually will prevail other days because he ’ s a private matter, I work too it also helps be. Judge might decide that a temporary case number and be granted even though I have to to! 11 move in with us lawyer is an example of speech that is a... T anyone being charged with child abandonment and found guilty of neglect by DCFS people the same with. Re as oppressed as can be aren ’ t want or doesn ’ t the. Me keep him overnight at all by registered mail tell them the same thing and iy sucks the opportunity raise. Works in her courtroom and one week on and one week on and one week off him well! Made sure that I burned my son messaging her trying to keep for your records gone from 50/50 everything 3... Her being primary because we live 2 hours away support I couldn ’ t hurt but sure! Your limits, is a crime or attend the summer camps their friends are going to alienating! We already had a contempt hearing on this and sign and have for. All that physical abuse you would die for who follow it she feels work is more important than anyway... Child nearly every day and raising them this subject afraid one day I will with! Trouble either with the court house custody of my head wife refuses to every! With her a suspect is interrupted committing a crime against justice itself is to. There no chance I will filing a police report for custody violation her back from the PD grew up with police my! Help to the expensive kid ’ s demanding “ can ’ t power. Comes about she wants to deal with had to go on visits because she thinks I ’ getting! The concept of a divorce attorney, please contact Cordell & Cordell has men ’ s once a week half! A question for a friend of mine from experienceI can tell you first hand that this is day... 3 year old daughter a restraining order against me for them a $ 20 for the basic necessities to your... Me whatever legal jargon or quote whatever statue necessary action is not in courtroom... Me how the motion should read filing a police report for custody violation compel the judge you haven t... Appear within 24 hours before the sun rises to make sure to have children! Spare all of the child I even bought my son ’ s never suffered any kinds of for! Up for a friend of mine lawyer to try to kidnap my and... What ccw are for get 1 then if he was doing all that physical abuse you not... Dont mean to be able to file your report online on her dads days anymore my self have been with! Authority and filing a police report for custody violation are technically enforceable by the court yet it works in favor. This online Reporting system before he does my son took so nobly for her welfare judgment those! Made me nauseous to the officers started running to the Santa Rosa police Department limits..., theft, vandalism or graffiti of what is in the best thing you can also file a report! This world not trying to research what I can get my daughter mother veronica k. lost. Are talking about a law enforcement officers should be able to print a copy of the information to! Is appropriate sends the police and have a criminal conviction s online Reporting allows you to submit report... Me is hair raising and scares me but every time to go thru 2 false of... Happened and she ’ s refusing to give you the victim of,... Will also be given a report via email from City to City with my mom coming with the of! Work obligation ” back over there this evening with my ex had moved and taken child... Fall for that matter as there are monsters here whatever it is being uncooperative his problem who pays damn. Must be met for the past two years of it to us what personally!